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When you didn’t make the cut in life

I wrote a blog post (pasted below) about not making the cut – those times in life when we aren't the one picked – when we don't make the cut. And while the blog post applies to business, and the fact that it pays to embrace what makes you unique – I couldn't help but see it from the faith perspective. Because I see everything from the faith perspective. No facet of my life belongs outside the filter of Jesus.

Updates April 22, 2013

And here's the super warm comforting truth that hit me as I wrote this blog post:  Thanks to Jesus and the fact that He died for my sins -  I will always make the cut. Yes, I will still struggle with the flesh. No, I will never make all the right decisions. Yes, I will always fall short of the glory of God. But because I said yes to His son, He will say yes to me. And that's all that matters. My name is written in the Book of Life. And nothing and nobody can take that away from me. I can say with all authority and confidence and joy – I MADE THE CUT.

To some of you this sounds inclusive. And to that I say, "Then you don't know your savior very well."


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