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To Please Man Or Please Him?

As a motivational speaker, I spend a lot of time thinking about my audiences – and a lot of time trying to please them. It's a normal part of the job. But as a Christian, I know that I do all things for a bigger purpose, which is to bring Him glory. I know that my goal is to please God, not the world. My goal is to speak for Truth, even when Truth is not popular. The world teases me into thinking it's about being a star or delivering the best show. But my Lord reminds me that it's about growing the kingdom. This is all easy to say – not as easy to do.

So when I messed up at a recent gig, I fell into the trap of feeling mortified that I had not done my best – that I had let my audience down – that my "show" was not the best it could be. I let it affect my self-confidence and my self-esteem. Until I looked at it from the perspective of bringing God glory. The show wasn't perfect – but I had spoken His truth. It may not have been crafted in the best way – and maybe there were a lot of things about it that the audience didn't like. But when I put a spotlight on one question (Did I bring God glory and explain the hope that is within me?) then my answer was a resounding yes. And THAT is what matters.

While it may be hard to let go of the world's approval – there is only one approval we need – the approval of our Lord and Savior. And we don't earn that – we receive it – when we receive Him.

Thank you God for reminding me who it is that I aim to please. Help me see things through your eyes – not the eyes of the world.


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