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To All Aspiring Christian Speakers

I meet a lot of people who want to be Christian speakers, and the first thing I ask them is why. Why do you want to be a speaker? "Because I want to change the world, " is their usual reply, or something like it. "Okay," I say, "then do it." You don't need an invitation. You don't need entry into a special club. You just need to do it. Go out there and start changing the world. Don't think about how you'll get paid for it. Don't think about who you should know, or who should know you. Just go do it. And if your message is strong, involves Jesus, and is done to bring God glory – I believe He will bless it. And if it should lead to other opportunities, it will.

In case you aren't sure where you should go share your message, let me help you:

1. Look around. There are people in your life already who need your message – your family, your church, your neighborhood, your friends.

2. Start a blog. No better way to go change the world and get your message out than to start a blog. If you're not sure what to write about, then I question whether you really do have a message to share.

3. Write a book. Also a good way to write your message and your story and share it with the world.

4. Get a facebook page (or other social media page) and start helping people there – yes, give out free advice. Facebook is ripe with people who need help. And they are asking for it. Jump in and get started.

5. Go to networking events and instead of telling people what you do, show them. Just help them. Crazy, I know. But it isn't gonna kill you to help people for free. What better way to build fans.

6. Join a group – a women's group, a local association, a group that will have people who will benefit from your message.

Those are just some quick ideas off the top of my head, and I would imagine there are a whole lot more!


So take a good look at your message – know it, own it, believe in it – and then go share it with anybody who needs it.


I also wrote a blog about this on my business blog in case you need another invitation:


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