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I’m Such A Loser – the Faith Perspective

05 Mar Posted by in Christian Comedian | Comments

She's Great and I'm a Loser

I wrote a post today on my business blog, about feeling inadequate ( Summed up in one sentence: If we think we're stupid so will they. And I wondered out loud why women do that. Why we see another woman do something great, and then feel less than in comparison. Not all of us do that, but many of us do. Me included. And as I wrote it, I felt like God was putting in His two cents. Then again, if it's God, then that's worth way more than two cents – but you know what I mean. I felt like God was sending me a message. I feel compelled to give you the faith perspective.

I felt like God was saying, "Kelly, when you question your worth, you are questioning the creator of your worth. You are minimizing what I have made. You carry around the light of a savior. Should that not make you feel bold and confident and worthy?" And He's right. As usual. When I question my value, I question the value of His creation. A creation He loved enough to make the ultimate sacrifice.

When we question our worth, we are hiding the brilliance of God within us.


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