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NOTE:  I actually have a site that is more detailed than this one. So if you want to see more about me and what I do, please visit  Thank you.

So who is Kelly Swanson?

Hi, I'm Kelly. It's nice to meet you.

Who am I? I'm a motivational speaker who can't seem to motivate myself to get off the couch and go to the gym. I empower people to be more than they think they can be – and often second-guess myself at every turn. I'm a horrible housekeeper – I only clean the parts of my house that people see – from the street. I'm a wife who actually asked her charming prince if he could please stop making that breathing noise. I'm a mother of a seven-year-old, and up until last year I thought chocolate was a food group and that you didn't need to floss until you got your real teeth. I run my own business and work out of my house – so on casual Fridays I show up naked

I call myself a Christian, and yet instead of spending hours in devotion, I spend hours wondering what happens to their tattoos when big people lose weight. You are sitting beside me singing and praising in church – and I am still wondering if I'm supposed to be sitting down or standing up – if I should kneel, or throw up my hands.

I know I'm a child of God, created in His image – and still I sometimes look at you to define me. I know that Jesus paid the price – and yet some days I still try to earn my way in. I have felt the healing power of His grace and forgiveness -and in the same breath I have turned around and judged. I know how the story ends. I know that I will stand on the side of victory! And yet still I worry about the future. I know that He loves me, and that He is right here. It's just that sometimes I forget. So Hi, I'm Kelly. And this is who I am.

And still He uses me. Still He includes me. Still He takes all the broken pieces and messes of my life – and uses them to make something beautiful that brings Him glory.

Sometimes I stand before him with arms outstretched – crying out in frustration – saying, "I can't do this on my own!" And He smiles and says, "You don't have to. That's why I gave you the Holy Spirit."

And some days I ask for His forgiveness for the mess I made that day. And I tell him that I have more questions than answers. But that this I can say with every fiber of my being – I STILL BELIEVE.

And He whispers in my ear, "That is enough."

"I am enough."

"He is enough."

And I believe Him. Not because of who I am. But because of who He is.

So to Him be the glory.

So, Hi, I'm Kelly Swanson. It's nice to meet you. And this is who I am. Welcome to my life – mess and all. I thought about cleaning it up for you – putting on the "face". But I'm tired of putting on a face. And I think if we are to impact others, we have to take off the "face" and show the real us. Because life is messy. Even if you are a Christian. Especially if you are a Christian.

So, welcome to my life. I can't promise to say the right thing. I can't promise that I will get the message right. I can't promise that I will be the best you've ever seen. I can't promise that your life will be changed. I can only promise this:

I will show up – the real me.

I will try to move out of His way and let His message ring through the mess of my message.

I will show you the Jesus I love and how He carries me through the dark.

I will encourage you to stand up and stick out for your faith.

I will show you how much He loves you.

And I will pray – that you will seek Him. That you will find Him. And that He will guide your path – not me.

I promise to give it everything I've got.


I'm Kelly Swanson. It's nice to meet you.


Wow…what a Friday evening!  Lady, you knocked it out of the park!!!  I enjoyed your message and the ladies that keep talking about it have confirmed that you were the right choice.  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to get to know your heart, for what you shared and how you shared it.  You are gifted by God with your outstanding message and I am here to tell you to go for it and don't look back.  I think all our churches would enjoy having you speak and there are tons of women out there that need to hear from you.  I have had baby Christians all the way up to the more mature ones and everything in the middle tell me how much they enjoyed you.  Hope your family got to have a little fun time too, your hubby Bill and son Wilbur were both a delight. Thanks again and hope this finds you able to get a little rest from your trip.  Please use me as a reference if you need one, because I will sing your praises!
Sherri Stetnish
White River Christian Church
Connection Director
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I want to thank you for the most wonderful job that you did for Columbus Regional at Spirit Girls Night Out.  From beginning to end, you flat out delivered!  Your willingness to work before the event (even en route to our city) with our media partners was awesome, and your media segments generated excitement about our event.  What is truly noteworthy about you is that you not only commanded the stage during your performance, but you personally appeared and interacted with our audience during the event.  Many of the women who attended the event commented on your wonderfully witty and personable manner.  You warmed their hearts and inspired them before the performance even began!  Your presentation of "Who Hijacked My Fairytale" had a truly raw and honest quality that was endearing and motivating.  It was when the hands of many of the audience were raised and swaying, that I knew you had pulled on some heartstrings and touched some lives.  The occasional "amens" after your "bless your hearts" and "I'm just sayings"  only added to the inspirational and revival like atmosphere you created. Thank you again for sharing your stories with our audience and giving our event a fairy-tale ending.
LeDare Windham
Spirit of Women Coordinator
Columbus Regional Healthcare System


Girl- the comments about how God used you and how much fun you are have been off the hook!! Some people saying it was THE best night of their life! And I know personally of one major miracle answer to prayer in one family between mother/daughter in law.Thank you is not enough. We are SO blessed by your ministry and talent.
Terrisa Coleman
South Palm Community Church
Lake Worth, Florida


(Note:  If you are interested in booking Kelly at your church event, please direct inquiry to (Enable Javascript to see the email address).  Stacy Robinson will be handling all church bookings for Kelly Swanson.   If Kelly isn't the right fit for your event, Stacy will find the one who is.)